RITAG Wafer Type Check Valves

Wafer Type Lift Check Valves

Whether as a standard product or as a custom order: RITAG wafer type check valves are available in any nominal diameter, pressure level and material for your processes.

The development and manufacture of our high-quality valves are in compliance with all international standards and regulations.

RITAG Wafer Type Check Valves

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RITAG Type SR wafer type lift check valves

These models have been installed in plants around the world for decades. Some of the most common areas of application are hot water plants, plants for water and waste water treatment, boilers and supply systems, energy pipe systems and process equipment for the chemical and petrochemical industries. Our standard product range already takes care of the most important application ranges. RITAG extends this application spectrum far beyond standard uses by offering special variants with specific materials, nominal diameters, nominal pressure ranges and opening pressures.

  • Use as nonreturn valves and thermosiphon circulation cross-dam
  • Installation in any location
  • Great connection variety, such as wafer type, double flanged, weld end
  • For fluids, gases and vapours
  • Large selection of materials for any requirement
  • Seals made of a variety of materials with the appropriate resistance to the materials running through them
  • Tests, certificates and approvals