Thomas Disc Couplings

Thomas XTSR Disc Couplings 

Rexnord Thomas disc coupling has advanced technology flexible disc element makes maintenance easy and provides additional torque density. Thomas coupling used in wide range of applications like:
Reciprocating Pumps and Compressors,
Fan Drives, Blowers, Heavy-duty Industrial Drives, Crushers, Extruders, Hoists, Dredges, Generators, Chippers, Calender, Mill Drives, Conveyors, Pulp and Paper machines, Process Pumps with ANSI, API. Turbines, Pumps, Compressors, Test Stands, Generators, Speed Increasers, Fans.

Thomas XTSR Disc Couplings

Thomas Series XTSR disc couplings were designed to augment legacy Thomas Disc coupling series. The same trusted and reliable performance of the Thomas brand is achieved through a more economical, modular platform.

Rexnord XTSR52 Thomas Disc Couplings

Non-adapter style spacer coupling consists of just three main components (two hubs and center spacer), translating into a low weight, high torque design that is well-suited for general purpose industrial applications. Typical applications include motor and turbine driven pumps, compressors, fans, synchronized rollers, wire feeders and blowers.

Rexnord XTSR71 Thomas Disc Couplings

Adapter-style spacer design enables quick “drop in” installation and removal without moving connected equipment. Balanced to AGMA Class 9 and compliant to API 610 as manufactured, the XTSR71 is ideally suited for critical process pumps, fans, and compressor drive applications. The XTSR71 coupling also meets API 671 when specified.

Rexnord XTSRGA Thomas Disc Couplings

Directly replaces lubricated gear couplings commonly found in many pulp and paper applications with long spans between connected equipment. The XTSRGA coupling bolts up to the existing AGMA Standard rigid gear coupling hubs, replacing the floating shaft assembly.

Rexnord XTSRLS Thomas Disc Couplings

Designed for long span applications where shaft spacing exceeds maximum length of standard fully machined spacer designs (XTSR52 / XTSR71).

Rexnord XTSRS Thomas Disc Couplings

The single flex element design accommodates angular misalignment only. Typically used in three-bearing applications where radial load is supported by the coupling, such as single bearing generators.