The CENTAMAX series is characterized by a highly efficient self-ventilating design. The high thermal capacity (HTC) design features a superior allowable power loss compared to other conventional couplings. This ensures longer equipment life in newer, more torsionally active low-emission diesel engine systems. The HTC design also makes CENTAMAX a cost-effective solution, as less costly coupling designs may be used in many applications. The torsional flexibility and elasticity of this rubber-in-shear design shifts critical resonances below operation speed. The drive is then subject to only minor continuous vibratory torques, protecting and extending the life of your equipment. Rubber elements for the CENTAMAX are available in different degrees of shore hardness. CENTAMAX elements are also offered in higher temperature CENTALAN-HT or silicone if required. This enables easy adjustment of the torsional flexibility of the couplings. Torsional vibrations are damped, and resonance reduced, minimizing the impact on your driven equipment. CENTAMAX is built with overload protection. Under extreme loads caused by torque overloads or generator short circuits, the flexible coupling slips through cogged outer teeth, protecting the engine and surrounding units from overload damage. CENTAMAX includes many plug-in variations for simple assembly with minimal mounting effort. The hubs can be customized to various mounting and application conditions. Built with the highest standards in design and quality, CENTAMAX coupling systems are the reliable choice.


The CENTAMAX-S is a highly reliable rubber-in-shear solution for the transmission of high torques. Thanks to compact dimensions, the CENTAMAX-S is ideal for tight spaces. The CENTAMAX-S transmits torque to the rubber element through an interlocked, toothed outer ring. This offers reliable, high-torque transmission, a high torsional flexibility with linear characteristics. The CENTAMAX-S damps torsional vibrations and shock loads. Built to compensate axial, radial, and angular misalignments, the CENTAMAX-S coupling is also available with an oil-resistant silicone design option or CENTALAN-HT for improved heat resistance. Available plug-in version offers easy assembly and minimal mounting effort.


The CENTAMAX-HTC is optimized for higher allowable power loss for drives subject to extreme torsional vibration. The CENTAMAX-HTC enables torque transmission via a toothed outer ring onto a rubber-in-shear element divided into slim sections. The highly reliable design is axially compact yet ideal for high-torque applications. With optimized higher allowable energy loss due to increased surface area, improved heat dissipation, and more effective ventilation, the CENTAMAX-HTC is a robust coupling solution for modern low emission diesel engines. Available with CENTALAN-HT elastomer for superior heat-resistance. Built to damp torsional vibrations and shock loads, the CENTAMAX-HTC compensates significant axial, radial, and angular misalignments. The compact, economic design proves superior when compared to standard double element couplings, making this a high-performance solution. Available for SAE and non-standard flywheel connections, the CENTAMAX-HTC offers plug-in blind assembly and minimal mounting effort.


The CENTAMAX-G was developed for torsionally-active generator and pump drives. Torque is transmitted to the rubber element through the interlocked outer flywheel flange. Available with CENTALAN-HT elastomer, a high-temperature tolerant, synthetic material developed to meet the dynamic characteristics of natural rubber mixtures. Characterized by high torsional flexibility with linear characteristics, the CENTAMAX-G couplings damp torsional vibrations and shock loads and compensate axial, radial, and angular misalignments. CENTAMAX-G is equipped with an industry standard taper-locking bushing for quick and easy installation. Available for engine and generator connections according to DIN-6281. The CENTAMAX-G is available with flywheel connections according to SAE and offers a plug-in version for easy assembly and mounting.


The CENTAMAX-B is specially designed for well aligned independently-mounted generator sets and free-mounted drives, offering backlash-free transmission of medium torques. The fail-safe design of the CENTAMAX-B is characterized by a high torsional flexibility to damp torsional vibrations and minimize shock. The CENTAMAX-B design compensates axial and angular misalignments. Precompressed radial pins are offered for easy mounting, and the CENTAMAX-B features simple radial replacement of rubber elements and a maintenance-free design. Available for SAE flywheel connections as well as non-standard flywheels and shaft-to-shaft connections.  CENTAMAX-B is well suited for diesel-electric locomotive drives where the engine and generator may sit at an unloaded idle speed condition for long periods of time.