The CENTAFLEX-R offers progressive torsional performance with very low stiffness at low torque and increased moderate stiffness at higher torque. This simple, reliable roller coupling is suited for many heavy-duty industrial drives and applications, including most close coupled marine transmissions. The patented CENTAFLEX-R design shifts torsional resonance to prevent gear chatter and vibration. Compressed rubber rollers between cams are highly engineered and backed by extensive testing, with no bonding. Made from temperature-resistant elastomeric materials, the couplings are suitable for high ambient temperatures. Higher temperature-tolerant and oil-resistant rubber rollers are also available as a variable. Suitable for blind fitting in bell housings, the design is an easy-to-maintain, economically sound solution.


The CENTAFLEX-RV series combines the heavy-duty CENTAFLEX-R progressive stiffness roller coupling with an incorporated maintenance-free bearing support system. The CENTAFLEX-RV can be used in u-joint driveline systems up to 1800 HP and 2300 rpm. The CENTAFLEX-RV is available in both flywheel-to-shaft and shaft-to-shaft configurations. Offering easy installation with no coupling assembly required, the CENTAFLEX-RV is ready to mount on the engine flywheel. After installing and aligning the driveshaft, the system is ready to go. The CENTAFLEX-RV design is adaptable to a variety of driveshaft configurations and sizes, as well as SAE flywheel and input shaft sizes. Built to damp unwanted system torsional vibration and gear noises, the CENTAFLEX-RV reduces wear and damage to the surrounding  system. The CENTA-FH flange bearing is recommended for larger deflection angles (greater than 9-10* degrees) of connected cardan shafts. Ideal for centrifugal pumps, irrigation pumps with right-angle gear drives, open propeller pumps, fan drives, and marine drives. For a smooth, quieter cardan shaft driven system, rely on the CENTAFLEX-RV.


The CENTAFLEX-R series features highly flexible couplings with progressive characteristics, offering low stiffness at low torque and progressively increased moderate stiffness at higher torque. This extremely robust, fail-safe design features rubber-in-compression rollers for high reliability and bonding-free performance. With smooth operation and reliable transmission under many different applications, the CENTAFLEX-R is a dependable coupling design. Available in oil-resistant and high-temperature resistant variations, the CENTAFLEX-R series offers adaptable and flexible performance. Suited for a variety of shaft connections, standard and non-standard flywheels, the CENTAFLEX-R series is ideal for close-coupled marine diesel drives for “gear chatter-free” operation.   CENTAFLEX -R series is also well suited for industrial and off-highway applications for engine driven high inertia gearboxes and pump drives where a low-load/low-stiffness, high-load/high-stiffness progressive torsional coupling is desirable.