Filament Bearings

Filament Bearings

Rexnord filament bearings are truly on the cutting edge of bearing solution technology. Filament wound bearings are versatile and ready for use in a wide variety of applications. The self-lubricating nature of the liner combined with the high-strength and corrosion resistant support matrix allows these bearings to operate with little to no maintenance, even under extreme conditions. The woven Teflon® fiber-liner requires no lubrication, and the filament wound fiberglass and epoxy resin matrix produce a bearing that’s design flexible, maintenance-free, strong, and lightweight: the perfect bearing solution. Rexnord filament bearings commonly replace bronze bushings, brass bushings, copper bushings, Babbitt metal bushings, plastic bushings, steel ball bearings, plastic ball bearings, and other lubricated bearing materials.

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Duralon filament wound bearings are truly innovative. Made from corrosion-resistant fiberglass and epoxy resin, these filament bearings are tough, lightweight, and easily customized.


Using the same outstanding engineering and design principles as Duralon, Rex RPT composite bearings are available in standard catalog sizes to meet your specific needs.


The original Rexnord non-metallic, self-lubricating composite bearing, Tuflite filament wound bearings are designed for the specific demands of commercial and military aerospace, naval, military vehicle, and space applications.