400 Series Torque Limiter

400 Series Torque Limiter

The Jaure MT coupling range meets the AGMA standard, meaning that the MT coupling sleeves and drilled holes will fit any AGMA coupling halves. This ensures the interchangeability of coupling halves.

The MT coupling is torsionally stiff and formed by two crowned hubs which engage two flanged sleeves with internal straight parallel teeth.

As a result of the teeth curvature, if shafts misalignment occurs, the crowned teeth hubs can oscillate in the flanged sleeve.

Standard and special design couplings are available. Special designs according to customer needs often come from close co-operation with our R&D and engineering departments.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique reverse-to-reset mechanism
  • Accommodates high- and low-speed applications
  • Torque range up to 220,000 in-lbs (24,860 Nm)
  • Shaft sizes up to 6 inches (150 mm)