Thomas DBZ Disc Couplings

Thomas DBZ Disc Couplings

Rexnord Thomas DBZ disc couplings are legacy general purpose high-speed, high-torque couplings. Typical applications include mixers, compressors, agitators, blowers & fans, centrifugal pumps, and conveyors. DBZ couplings are available in three configurations to maximize application flexibility:

  • DBZ: Both hubs are inverted inside the disc pack for minimal shaft-to-shaft spacing 
  • DBZ-A: One hub is extended to accommodate taper bores and larger shaft gaps
  • DBZ-B: Both hubs are extended for maximum shaft-to-shaft spacing

DBZ couplings are available in 13 sizes ranging from size 50 through 451, and are designed to accommodate maximum continuous torque loads up to 43,400 (lb-in) and shaft diameters up to 4.63 inches.