Coupling Parts & Kits

Get All Spare & Parts of the coupling
We offers a wide range of miscellaneous spare parts to keep your machines and equipment up and running. For fastening hardware, hubs, sleeve extensions, seal kits, gaskets, covers, elements, ring kits, assorted assemblies, and coupling guarding, Rexnord has you covered.


LTG Coupling Grease Parts & Kits

Falk Long Term Grease (LTG) for use with both Falk and competitive grid and gear couplings. Available in cartridges, pails, drums, and kegs.

Disc Couplings Parts & Kits

Replacement parts and kits for Addax and Thomas brand disc couplings.

Elastomeric Parts & Kits

Components for Omega, Viva and Wrapflex flexible couplings comprised of shaft hubs, spacer hubs, flexible elements, element covers, sub-assemblies, and fastener kits.

Gear Coupling Parts & Kits

Components for Falk Lifelign gear couplings comprised of flexible and rigid hubs, sleeves, seals, gaskets, and fastener kits.

Grid Coupling Parts & Kits

Components for Falk Steelflex grid couplings comprised of hubs, grids, covers, seals, gaskets, spacer assemblies, and fastener kits.

Falk Orange Peel Shaft Guards

Falk Orange Peel Rotating Shaft Guards complies with OSHA, ASME and ANSI standards.