Flange Bearing Housing Built to Protect Your Drive

The CENTA-CP is comprised of three high-performance components. First, the CENTAFLEX-R; a tough, reliable torsional roller element coupling with progressive characteristics, bolted to the flywheel. The CENTAFLEX-R coupling handles torsional vibration and misalignments, protecting the drivetrain against torsional vibrations. The CENTAMAX a torsional coupling with linear characteristics is also available as the coupling option in the CENTA-CP. The second component of the pack includes a simple, robust, dry-running electromagnetic pole-face friction clutch for engaging and disengaging. The third component is the proven CENTA-FH flanged bearing housing with output shaft, supported by tapered roller bearings. The output flange of the CENTA-CP is compatible with DIN or SAE flanges for connection to the driven equipment by universal joints or inline intermediate CENTA shafts. Ideal for ship propulsion with propellers, waterjets, stern drives, thrusters, pumping sets, and generators.

Why Use CENTA Clutch Pack?

Reduce Product Damage

The CENTA-CP includes the proven CENTA components, including the CENTA-FH flanged bearing housing to protect the crankshaft from reaction forces from the connected cardan shaft.


Extensive internal ventilation in the housing reduces the ambient temperature around the elastic coupling and electromagnetic DC clutch, making the CENTA-CP long-lasting and durable with high allowable energy loss.

Temperature Resistant

The CENTA-CP is available with a special temperature-resistant CENTALAN design for high damping and high ambient temperatures of more than 100°C (212°F).

Low Maintenance

High capacity with long-term lubrication ensures extended lifetime with little maintenance. The CENTA-CP can be operated with on-board DC voltage and is delivered preassembled.