The simple compact and smooth design of the CENTAFLEX-X series means couplings are low-weight and low-inertia. This high-performance design offers a high permissible speed, large permissible bores, and even transmission of torque. The coupling is maintenance-free and fail-safe. Elements of the coupling can be dismantled without axial displacement. The drive is easily discounted and rotated without dismantling. No axial reaction forces are imposed on the shaft and bearing during torque transmission. The element is air-flushed all around, conducting away heat and ensuring cool operation even under extreme conditions. A flexible element of heavy-duty plastic with pressed-in steel bushes and bending elasticity properties allow for compensation of axial and angular misalignments. When used as a driveshaft, the CENTAFLEX-X offers radial flexibility as well. With an oil-resistant element, the CENTAFLEX-X is suitable for many heavy-duty applications in industrial and motion control applications.


Flexible elements for CENTAFLEX-X Type 0-S couplings.


Flexible elements for CENTAFLEX-X Type 0 couplings.


The CENTAFLEX-X is a torsionally stiff coupling with high power density. Designed for high performance under extreme conditions, the CENTAFLEX-X is reliable and maintenance-free. Designed with a flexible element of heavy-duty plastic with pressed-in steel bushes, the CENTAFLEX-X series features a fail-safe design with high torsional stiffness and zero backlash. Flexible elastic properties allow for the compensation of significant axial and angular misalignments, ensuring a long life. As a driveshaft, the CENTAFLEX-X also allows additional radial flexibility. The extremely lightweight, ventilated for performance even under extremely high ambient temperatures. Easy to install, the CENTAFLEX-X-S features blind assembly with minimal mounting effort. CENTAFLEX -X series is an ideal coupling or driveshaft solution for motion control drives in packaging, filling, labeling and similar servo motor based systems.